PlantStory Ambassador Program

Jan 19, 2024

Welcome to the PlantStory Ambassador Program, a journey that promises to deepen your connection with plants and foster creativity.


What is the PlantStory Ambassador Program?
- The PlantStory Ambassador Program is your gateway to an exclusive plant realm where you'll enjoy a host of special benefits in exchange for becoming a passionate advocate for all things PlantStory.

From early access to new PlantStory updates and exclusive discounts and rewards, this program is designed to empower you to flourish in your plant-filled pursuits.

In return, we ask that you be a positive spokesperson for PlantStory, sharing your experiences, insights, and stunning plant stories across your social platforms. Join us in cultivating a thriving community of plant enthusiasts and let your love for plants bloom into a beautiful, rewarding partnership.

Ready to Get Started?

If you haven't filled out the ambassador program application, there is no time like today! To become a PlantStory Ambassador, fill out the application form here. Once you've submitted your application, our team will review it, and you'll be on your way to becoming an official PlantStory Ambassador.

Let's embark on this exciting journey together!


- Distinguished "PlantStory Ambassador" badge within the app

- Exclusive "Ambassador Spotlight" section in the app, showcasing your Live sessions, thriving plant collections, and even a platform for marketplace listings!

- A dedicated Ambassadors hub on our website, highlighting their remarkable journeys and contributions!

- Coveted PlantStory Swag to proudly flaunt your ambassadorship!

- Valuable discounts on essential Seller Materials, like PlantStory shipping tape, branded boxes, tissue paper, stickers, signage, and more!

- Access to a treasure trove of PlantStory graphics, empowering sellers to enhance their online presence with our logo and visuals!

- The privilege of sharing occasional exclusive PlantStory promos with your audience!

- Unlock the potential for higher referral bonuses and tiered incentives – refer 20 people and receive a rewarding boost!

- Exclusive opportunities to become Beta Testers, influencing the future of the PlantStory experience!

- Empowering educational resources, including promotional tips and insider knowledge to elevate your ambassadorial journey.

- Elevate the unboxing experience by incorporating PlantStory swag and graphics into your shipping materials.

- Amplify PlantStory's presence on your social media platforms! Incorporate engaging graphics and posts, tailored to your unique follower base, aiming for at least one post per week and three engaging stories per week. This can be tailored to fit your online presence, please speak with a team member for adjustments.

- Strengthen PlantStory's local presence by actively promoting it within your community groups and local markets.

- As an essential part of the ambassadorship, kindly share your PlantStory link on your social profiles. To maximize reach, we request that you update your Instagram bio to feature your PlantStory link prominently or include it in your Linktree.

- We assess success by monitoring your social metrics and the usage of your referral code. Your invaluable feedback also plays a crucial role in enhancing our partnership.

We look forward to creating a positive and engaging experience on PlantStory!

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