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Florist's cyclamen

Botanical Name:

Cyclamen persicum

Common Name:

Florist's cyclamen,Persian Cyclamen,Cyclamen latifolium,Florists' Cyclamen,Cyclamen,Persian Violet,Sowbread


Wild plants have heart-shaped leaves, up to 14 cm (6 in) usually green with lighter marbling on the upper surface. It grows as a perennial, herbaceous plant that reaches heights of growth up to 32 cm. As a storage and persistence organ it forms a perennial hypocotyl tuber. It arises solely through a thickening of the hypocotyl, the shoot axis area between the root neck and the first cotyledon. The rounded, slightly flattened at the age tuber contains about 4 to 15 cm or more than 15 cm in diameter. It is of corked consistency. Their roots spring from the underside, and the tops of the spirally arranged, long-stalked leaves of the plant spring from the top. The length and width of the heart-shaped leaf blade varies between 3 and 14 cm. It is of fleshy texture and smoothly structured. The leaf margin is slightly thickened and usually serrated. Rarely does it form edges or rags. The upper leaf surface often has a green-silvery marbled colour drawing, the leaf underside may be pale green or reddish. FlowersEdit Flowers bloom from winter to spring (var. persicum) or in autumn (var. autumnale) and have 5 small sepals and 5 upswept petals, usually white to pale pink with a band of deep pink to magenta at the base. Cyclamen carry on individual stems standing flowers that hang down but whose petals are bent strongly upwards. In the species, flowers are sweetly scented, but the scent has been lost in cultivated forms. FruitEdit After pollination, the flower stem curls downwards slightly as the pod develops, but does not coil as in other cyclamens. Plants go dormant in summer. The fruits are capsules, which are sunk into the ground with increasing maturity, by waxing and curling of the stem. The capsules only open when they are in the ground.

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Plant Type

Bulbs, Perennials, Bulb, Poisonous




Solitary, 5-parted, nodding, red, pink to white, and fragrant.

How to Grow


Low, Average


Partial Sun

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