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Fragrant dracaena

Botanical Name:

Dracaena fragrans

Common Name:

Fragrant dracaena,Corn Plant,Cornstalk Plant,Dracaena,Dragon Tree,janet craig plant,Ribbon Plant,Striped Dracaena,Striped Dragon Palm,Warneckei Dracaena,warneckii


Foliage and flowers Fruit Dracaena fragrans is a slow growing shrub, usually multistemmed at the base, mature specimens reaching 15 m (49 ft) or more tall with a narrow crown of usually slender erect branches. Stems may reach up to 30 cm (12 in) diameter on old plants; in forest habitats they may become horizontal with erect side branches. Young plants have a single unbranched stem with a rosette of leaves until the growing tip flowers or is damaged, after which it branches, producing two or more new stems; thereafter, branching increases with subsequent flowering episodes.The leaves are glossy green, lanceolate, 20–150 cm (7.9–59.1 in) long and 2–12 cm (0.79–4.72 in) wide; small leaves are erect to spreading, and larger leaves usually drooping under their weight. The flowers are produced in panicles 15–160 cm (5.9–63.0 in) long, the individual flowers are 2.5 cm (0.98 in) diameter, with a six-lobed corolla, pink at first, opening white with a fine red or purple central line on each of the 7–12 mm (0.28–0.47 in) lobes; they are highly fragrant, and popular with pollinating insects. The fruit is an orange-red berry 1–2 cm (0.39–0.79 in) diameter, containing several seeds.

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Plant Type

Houseplant, Perennial, Shrub, Shrub about 5 ft. high


Annual, Perennial


Flowers appear in panicles 6–60 in. long. Individual flowers are an inch in diameter, with a six-lobed corolla, starting out as pink, opening white with a fine red or purple central line on each of the lobes. The flowers are highly fragrant. Rarely blooms as a house plant., Flowers white with pink lines, very fragrant


The fruit is a small orange-red berry. Rarely blooms or fruits as a house plant., Fruits bright orange, depressed globose, 11–19 mm in diameter, lobed when several-seeded; seeds white turning brown, globose to bean-shaped, 4–14 mm in diameter.

How to Grow


Dappled Sunlight (Shade through upper canopy all day), Deep shade (Less than 2 hours to no direct sunlight), Partial Shade (Direct sunlight only part of the day, 2-6 hours)

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