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Botanical Name:

Hoya carnosa

Common Name:

Porcelainflower,Honey Plant,Porcelain Flower,Wax Plant


Hoya carnosa makes faintly succulent shoots with smooth, pale gray, and bare surfaces that writhe and climb. The shoots are soft at first, but lignified later. The perennial leaves are stalked with about 1 to 1.5 cm long stems. The blade is wide oval to longitudinal oval or heart-shaped. The leaves are slightly succulent, fleshy with a waxy glossy surface. The stem is up to about 10 cm long. The leaves, ovate or elliptical, are 3-5 cm wide and 3.5-13 cm long, with a petiole of about 1-1.5 cm. The intersteaminal side lobes are pointed oval to lanceolate, the top is convex. The outer end is white, the inner end dyed red. The spindle-shaped fruits measure 6 to 10 × 0.5 to 1.5 cm. FlowersEdit   Hoya carnosa flower The inflorescence is made up of numerous flowers, hanging or more upright, which are grouped in an umbel. The flowers are typically light pink, but may vary from near-white to dark pink; they are star-shaped, and are borne in clusters that look like tiny wax miniatures. The surface of the flowers is covered in tiny hairs giving them a fuzzy sheen. They are heavily scented and may produce excess nectar that drips from the flowers. The flower crown has a diameter of 1.5 to 2 cm and is whitish to slightly pink coloured.Like all species of Hoya, H. carnosa flowers from specialised perennial structures referred to as spurs. These appear from the axils of the leaves and stem; flowers may not be produced when the spurs first appear, but in time buds emerge from the tips. Each season new flowers are produced on these same spurs, so they should not be damaged or removed. The plant flowers from spring to late summer, it can produce umbels of 10 to 50 small star-shaped flowers that mature gradually (2 to 3 weeks) on the same peduncle. The scent is nocturnal with a pheromonal tendency.

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Bloom Time

Late spring or early summer, Summer, Other: Off and on throughout the year, Spring

Plant Type

Cactus/Succulent, Vine, Semisucculent vine with large leaves and heavily scented umbels of white flowers that drip copious nectar.




Flowers are white to pink and shiny and hairy, with five-point centers, in clusters of up to 30. They may produce a sticky sap.

How to Grow




Full Sun to Partial Shade, Partial or Dappled Shade, Partial Shade (Direct sunlight only part of the day, 2-6 hours)




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