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Common chickweed

Botanical Name:

Stellaria media

Common Name:

Common chickweed,Mouron des oiseaux,Birdweed,Chickenwort,Chickweed,Starweed,Starwort,Winterweed


Plants annual or winter annual, green, with slender taproot. Stems decumbent or ascending, diffusely branched, 4-sided, 5–40 cm, with single line of hairs along each internode. Leaves petiolate (proximal) or ± sessile (distal); blade usually green, ovate to broadly elliptic, 0.5–4 cm × 2–20 mm, base round to cuneate, margins entire, apex acute or shortly acuminate, ± glabrous or ciliate at base. Inflorescences terminal, 5–many-flowered cymes; bracts ovate and shortly acuminate to lanceolate-acute, 1–40 mm, herbaceous. Pedicels ascending, usually straight, deflexed at base in fruit, 3–40 mm, usually with line of hairs. Flowers 2–5 mm diam.; sepals 5, with obscure midrib, ovate-lanceolate, 4.5–5(–6) mm, margins narrow, scarious, apex obtuse, usually glandular-hairy; petals absent or 5, 1–4 mm, shorter than to equaling sepals; stamens 3–5(–8); anthers red-violet; styles 3, outwardly curved, becoming curled, 0.5–1 mm. Capsules green to straw colored, ovoid-oblong, 3–5 mm, somewhat longer than sepals, apex obtuse, opening by 6 valves; carpophore absent. Seeds reddish brown, broadly reniform to round, 0.9–1.3 mm diam., with obtuse, round, or flat-topped (broader than tall) tubercles. 2n = 40, 42, 44.

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Bloom Time

Spring, Summer, Winter

Plant Type

Annual, Edible, Herb, Weed




Individual flowers occur from the axils of the outer pairs of leaves, while the stems terminate in small cymes of white flowers. Each flower is about ¼ inch across, consisting of 5 white bifid petals (appearing to be 10 petals), 5 green sepals, 3 white styles, 2 to 10 stamens, and a light green ovary in the center. The sepals are lanceolate, hairy on the outer surface, and longer than the petals; each sepal is at least 1/8 inch long. The slender pedicels are finely pubescent. The blooming period occurs during the spring for plants that are winter annuals, and during the summer or autumn for plants that are summer annuals. A typical plant will bloom sporadically for 1-2 months.


Each flower is replaced by a cylindrical seed capsule that is light brown with 6 small teeth along its upper rim; it contains several seeds. Each mature seed is reddish brown, somewhat flattened, and orbicular-reniform; its surface is minutely bumpy.

How to Grow


Full sun (6 or more hours of direct sunlight a day), Partial Shade (Direct sunlight only part of the day, 2-6 hours)




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